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Star Wars Simply Redeemed a Controversial Revenge of the Sith Character

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Whereas it was straightforward sufficient to imagine again then that this villainous flip by the troopers was Lucas’ manner of transitioning the Grand Military of the Republic into the Imperial stormtroopers we first met within the Authentic Trilogy, one clone trooper’s actions stood out as significantly shocking because of the friendship he appeared to share together with his Jedi prey. We’re after all speaking about Commander Cody capturing down Obi-Wan on Utapau mere seconds after working collectively to take down Common Grievous and his Separatist forces in Revenge of the Sith. All as a result of Palpatine rang.

It’s true that the clones have been created to serve the Republic and the Supreme Chancellor firstly, and that they have been following orders, however in 2005 it was nonetheless tough to abdomen that they may kill the Jedi with no second thought. And in contrast to all the opposite faceless clones within the movie, we really spend time with Cody and Obi-Wan in Revenge and get a way of what their relationship is like in between battle sequences, making it more durable settle for Cody’s actions.

In fact, years of observe up Star Wars TV reveals, comics, and books have gone an extended strategy to clarify what was actually behind Order 66 and the Clone Military’s cruel eradication of the Jedi Order. In The Clone Wars animated sequence, and later in The Unhealthy Batch, we study {that a} secret biochip implanted within the head of each single clone trooper was triggered when Palpatine broadcast the order, forcing the military to conform whether or not they wished to or not. This utterly modified followers’ understanding of these scenes in Revenge of the Sith, to say the least. Normally, the clones had no selection however to activate their Jedi generals.

The ultimate episodes of The Clone Wars explored this extra intimately, exhibiting us how Captain Rex initially tried to withstand his biochip’s programming as a result of he didn’t need to kill Ahsoka Tano, a Jedi he’d grown very near all through the sequence. Finally, Ahsoka discovered a strategy to take away Rex’s biochip and escape Order 66 together with her clone pal. Later, in The Unhealthy Batch season 1, Rex in flip helped Clone Power 99 take away their very own chips.

However whereas Prequel followers got a solution ultimately as to Order 66, they have been nonetheless left to surprise what grew to become of Commander Cody after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith. Fortuitously, The Unhealthy Batch season 2 has turned its consideration to the clones who executed the order and have been then transitioned into the Empire. We study on this week’s episode, “The Solitary Clone,” that Cody has remained at his submit within the aftermath of the Clone Wars, at the same time as different troopers have adopted Clone Power 99 and gone AWOL reasonably than commit additional Imperial atrocities. However Cody’s allegiance isn’t fairly as clear reduce because it was when he ordered the assassination of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Despatched on a mission with former Unhealthy Batch member Crosshair to Desix — as soon as a Separatist-allied planet now rejecting Imperial rule — Cody is beginning to have his personal doubts concerning the new galactic order he serves. He’s discovered within the months after the tip of the Clone Wars that the Empire isn’t actually what it claims to be. Are the clones working to topple impartial governments and take over peaceable planets actually the great guys anymore? It’s clear early within the episode that Cody will ultimately must resolve that for himself.

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