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Release: SoulCalibur Vita port by Rinnegatamante

by Ethan Marley
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Vita developer Rinnegatamante is at it once more with yet one more cool port for the PS Vita: SoulCalibur.

This is as soon as once more a port primarily based on the Android model of the sport, leveraging a wrapper initially created by TheFloW, and just lately augmented by the FalsoNDK and FalsoJNI libraries by Gl33ntwine (libs particularly devoted to porting Android software program to the PS Vita). What’s vital to grasp for the tip person right here is that these ports don’t use emulation, however somewhat are wrappers in opposition to the native Android binary. Bottom line, they run a lot smoother than in the event that they had been emulated. Multiple AAA video games have been ported with this mechanism, you’ll be able to verify a few of them right here.

What is SoulCalibur for PS Vita?

SoulCalibur is a well-liked weapon-based preventing sport franchise developed by Bandai Namco Studios. The sequence was fashionable in arcade, received a number of console ports, and ultimately the second* sport of the franchise received an Android port in 2013. The Vita port is predicated on this Android launch, and brings a couple of modifications, both to accommodate efficiency, or some QoL options.

* The second sport within the Soulcalibur franchise is Soulcalibur. The First Game was named Soul Edge 

From the developer:

  • The port has been examined with v.1.0.15 of the sport.
  • Some phases (eg. Water Labyrinth and the ultimate Arcade combat with Inferno) may trigger framedrops. Please report any of those problematics so {that a} repair might be discover for particular phases.
  • When first launching the sport, it’s endorsed to enter Options and decrease BGM and SE volumes to eight or decrease. Not doing so will trigger SFX glitching out attributable to too excessive quantity playback.
  • Some phases (Takamatsu Castle and Money Pit) received simplified in background components to cut back framerate tanking.
  • Stages that aren’t unlockable in Android model attributable to lack of Mission Battle mode received restored and shall be obtainable to play from the start, together with alternate phases.

Download and run SoulCalibur Vita (SoulCalibur PS Vita Port)


Disclaimer: You will want a hacked PS Vita with the intention to run this port. Thankfully that is tremendous simple to realize these days (our information right here)


You can Download the VPK from the VitaDB web page right here.

There are a number of steps for preliminary set up course of so please comply with the information under


From the readme

  • In order to correctly set up the sport, you’ll should comply with these steps exactly:

    • Install kubridge and FdFix by copying kubridge.skprx and fd_fix.skprx to your taiHEN plugins folder (normally ux0:tai) and including two entries to your config.txt beneath *KERNEL:

    Note Don’t set up fd_fix.skprx for those who’re utilizing rePatch plugin

    • Optional: Install PSVshell to overclock your gadget to 500Mhz.
    • Install libshacccg.suprx, for those who don’t have it already, by following this information.
    • Obtain your copy of SoulCalibur legally for Android in type of an .apk file and an obb. You can get all of the required information immediately out of your cellphone or by utilizing an apk extractor you could find within the play retailer.
    • Open the apk together with your zip explorer and extract the folder lib folder to ux0:knowledge/soulcalibur.
    • Install WinImage and open the obb file with it.
    • Select all of the information and right-click them, then click on on Extract and extract all of the information in ux0:knowledge/soulcalibur.
    • Download xdelta UI and extract the zip content material in ux0:knowledge/soulcalibur.
    • Download the shader.xdelta patch from Release web page and apply it, utilizing xdelta UI to ux0:knowledge/soulcalibur/shader.dat and exchange authentic file with the patched one.
    • Optional: For trophies to be unlockable, set up NoTrpDrm.

Source: VitaDB

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