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What are all of us enjoying this weekend?

by Jerry
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The player rides on the back of a monster with a chaingun in Palworld.

After saying final weekend that I used to be aching for the cruelty of snow, I discovered it. When climate warnings popped up this week, I tracked forecasts and cloud actions for hours earlier than reserving a time off work to chase potential snow. When I awoke, it seemed unhealthy. Forecasts had turned. Many areas anticipated to get dusted went untouched. But me, after six hours of strolling over skinny, previous snow, the good things lastly began to fall as I entered a wooden and approached a waterfall. Pretty magic, actually. It was so chilly that snow settled on my shoulders and my hair froze. Perfect. That’s what I craved. Anyway, what are you enjoying this weekend? Here’s what we’re clicking on!

Alice Bee

I’m going to a knitting and crochet meetup on the town that I organised, which I’m each excited and nervous about, however hey ho. Around that, I’m ending off the DLC for Immortals Fenyx Rising, and I’ve acquired some extra Nancy Drew to compensate for, whereas I hearken to anti-MLM YouTubers.


Looking on the lengthy listing of video games I’ve impulse-bought for a fiver and never but performed, uhhh how about this curious FPS, TECHNOPHOBIA: DO ANDROIDS GO TO HEAVEN? Can’t resist a reputation like that.


Yet once more, I’m persevering with the theme of enjoying video video games I can not actually speak about. Soon I hope to have the ability to play one thing I can speak to you about, sorry! Otherwise I’m going to compensate for all The Traitors I’ve missed, it is excellent stuff and I have to see Paul get what’s coming to him.

is away!


An upcoming work venture has me enjoying Apex Legends for the primary time in months, with predictably poor outcomes. Oh, what I’d give to be again in these glory days of 2019, the place wins have been plentiful, all my favorite weapons hadn’t been nerfed into sacks of unfastened bolts, and my buddies truly needed to play with me, like, ever. Time comes for us all, reader. Never neglect that.


More Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown for me this weekend, however I’ll additionally doubtless be firing up Elden Ring in some unspecified time in the future. I did not get round to enjoying it when it first got here out, however as a member of the RPS Guides guardians, ’tis my responsibility to dig in earlier than the Shadow Of The Erdtree enlargement comes out!

The player rides on the back of a monster with a chaingun in Palworld.
Image credit score: Pocketpair


For my sins, I will probably be enjoying extra Palworld this weekend, although I hate its guts and every thing it stands for. I do assume a few of this considering has been influenced by two plus many years of Pokémon enjoying, so I’m decided to try to give it as a good shake as potential. I’m not wholly satisfied there’s far more to search out or take pleasure in right here primarily based on early proof, however we persist, for science, or one thing. Side notice: I even have a enjoyable evaluate recreation on the go as effectively, so it will not all be distress and animal sweat retailers this weekend, I promise.


This weekend I’ll most likely be diving into extra Palworld, the brand new Pokémon-esque creature seize/survival crafting recreation. I’ve at all times cherished survival crafting video games and the best way you’ll be able to spend senseless hours looking for one materials to make one other and so forth. It’s a type of blissful busywork that soothes the soul. Due to this, I’ve truly been having fun with Palword and can most likely spend just a few extra hours in it earlier than coming to a closing opinion.

Our Solium Infernum recreation is briefly on maintain resulting from some technical difficulties, so my thoughts this weekend will as an alternative be taken up with visions of fast-moving robots zipping forwards and backwards and sending exorbitant numbers of bullets into my eyeballs. I communicate, after all, of Roboquest, which continues to be a really enjoyable recreation to play throughout downtime with my brother. Even if these closing rooms are the spawn of the Robot Devil himself.

But you, reader expensive, what are you enjoying this weekend?

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