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How To Find And Use Pure Quartz

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When you attain the mid to late recreation in Palworld, Pure Quartz is a useful resource that you’d need in abundance. It is required to make Circuit Boards, that are additional used for crafting all types of high-level applied sciences like Production Assembly Line II, Electric Medicine Workbench, and extra. So it is crucial you not solely know the places the place you will discover it but additionally some farming spots for it. Also, try how you should use Pure Quartz on this recreation.

Where to Find and Farm Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Palworld Best Spots To Find And Farm Pure QuartzPalworld Best Spots To Find And Farm Pure Quartz
Image Credits: Teachers Game Too on YouTube. Pure Quartz farming spot in Palworld.

Astral Mountains is likely one of the greatest locations to search out Pure Quartz. There are two spots the place you’ll be able to farm them.

  • Coordinates (-250, 390): Make certain you carry chilly safety with you as a result of this place is in a snowy biome. Here you will discover a number of nodes of Pure Quartz. Take any of the Pals which can be appropriate for mining. Digitoise is the very best Pal for it. A single Pure Quartz has 5 weight, so you must mine accordingly. Once you are feeling you’re about to achieve your weight restrict you must return to your base and switch them to your storage. These nodes ought to take roughly 1 in-game day to respawn, as soon as they’re again you’ll be able to repeat the method once more.
  • No Man’s Trail: Fast journey to this Waypoint and go northeast to discover a Pure Quartz node (verify the above picture for reference). In the neighborhood, you will discover a number of extra nodes. Similarly, should you go south you will discover some Pure Quartz close to Cold Shore.

So you should use the above two places to simply farm a ton of it.

How to Use Pure Quartz in Palworld

You use Pure Quartz to make a Circuit Board. It wants the next assets:

  • Pure Quartz x4
  • Polymer x2

On its personal Pure Quartz doesn’t appear very helpful however Circuit Board is required for a number of applied sciences. So be sure to don’t go away any of it behind whereas farming.

That is all on the way to get and use Pure Quartz in Palworld. While you’re right here additionally try our different guides for this recreation on greatest spots to farm chests, the way to breed Astegon, and craft unusual juice.

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