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Hades 2 Hecate boss information

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How do you beat the Hades 2 Hecate boss? As the saying goes, it’s time for the coed to turn into the grasp as Melinoë faces her mentor, Headmistress Hecate. Using the daughter of Zeus’ witchy powers and fast reflexes, you need to have the ability to overcome this problem with sufficient persistence.

However, Hecate isn’t going to make this straightforward for you. She has some fairly devious methods that make even the primary Hades 2 boss combat one to recollect. While you’ll be able to’t progress past this level proper now within the extremely anticipated roguelike sport as a result of limitations of the technical check, there are many challenges on this combat to beat. The remainder of the bosses must wait till the Hades 2 launch date rolls round, however for these taking part in the Hades 2 technical check, right here’s the way you can defeat Hecate.

Hades 2 Hecate boss guide: Melinoë has fired a projectile at Hecate, who is preparing to split herself into three.

How to beat Hecate in Hades 2

The key to beating Hecate, the primary Hades 2 boss, is to grasp dodging her assaults. Melinoë is invincible whereas she’s dashing, so you should utilize this to your benefit by phasing by way of Hecate’s lethal projectiles,  getting behind her for a couple of sneaky stabs. We additionally extremely advocate utilizing charge-up assaults, significantly when you have Poseidon’s Spirit Orbs boon which restores a proportion of your mana when accumulating orbs that drop from defeated enemies. Hecate isn’t significantly weak to any particular weapon, however something that will increase vary will support you on this combat.

New to Hades 2 is armor. If you run into Arachne in your journey by way of Erebus, she’ll give you one in every of three enchanted clothes. These not solely provide you with a novel perk however, extra importantly, grant you extra armor factors that enable Melinoë to take elevated injury earlier than her well being factors begin to deplete.

Hades 2 Hecate boss guide: Melinoë is dodging magic swipes from Hecate's staff.

Phase One

Hecate will all the time start the combat by surrounding herself in an increasing ring of fireside. This AoE spell goes fairly far, however you’ll be able to chase it again towards her and get some assaults in with the weapon of your selection because it attracts nearer.

In the primary section, she has two principal assaults. One includes swiping her employees to fireside one or two projectiles concurrently. You can sprint to dodge these, then hit her a couple of occasions earlier than she launches a second salvo. It’s your greatest alternative to do some injury, and we advocate sticking to common melee assaults as you’ll be able to shortly react to any incoming blows.

Hecate also can make two copies of herself, after which all three of her types forged a flamethrowing spell to fill the battlefield. Given that flames do injury over time, we advocate that you just go on the defensive and give attention to avoiding getting burned. When attempting to assault these, the one one that can take injury is her true type. Hecate will glow inexperienced when you hit a clone model, and her well being received’t deplete.

Hades 2 Hecate boss guide: Hecate has split herself into three and is firing multiple magic orbs at Melinoë.

Phase Two

After damaging Hecate to round two thirds of her well being, she’s going to retreat to the middle of the battlefield and conjure a barrier that makes her invulnerable to all assaults. She’ll additionally summon some spirits that shoot magic missiles at you, which it’s essential to kill to proceed the combat. Hecate doesn’t make this straightforward as she casts runes on the bottom that erupt into inexperienced hearth after a few second. If you time your dashes and effectively kill these ghosts, you’ll be able to injury Hecate once more.

In this second section, she’ll nonetheless hearth the projectiles from section one, so you should utilize that as a chance to counter. However, she additionally begins utilizing the area-of-effect spell with which she began the combat, solely extra ceaselessly. As you chase this AoE assault again to the middle, you’ve a second alternative to hit her, so long as you don’t get grasping.

She can nonetheless cut up herself into three clones, however she’s going to now hearth small orbs in a large arc fairly than emit flames from every of them. This spell could be irritating to keep away from as the projectiles transfer quicker, and there’s extra to maintain monitor of on-screen. Just give attention to dodging, and you need to emerge unscathed.

Hades 2 Hecate boss guide: Melinoë is transformed into a sheep as Hecate tries to hit her with magic runes.

Phase Three

The most harmful a part of the Hecate boss combat is in the beginning of the third section, which is triggered when she has a 3rd of her well being left. Not solely will she repeat her assaults from the begin of section two, however she additionally now casts a polymorph spell that can flip you right into a sheep. It’s robust to keep away from this spell because it properties in on you at a excessive velocity. If you do turn into a sheep, you’ll not have the ability to assault, and your dodge vary shall be severely restricted. It is feasible to dodge the AoE assaults that observe, although. Once the polymorph spell has worn off, kill the ghosts once more to start the ultimate section correctly.

She’ll proceed the identical projectile firing and AoE spells from section two right here, however as a substitute of splitting herself into three, she fires a number of dozen boomerangs whereas monitoring your place. These will bounce off the partitions, so watch out the place you stand. This assault is exploitable when you place your self in order that no boomerang waves will hit you on the way in which again. Keep attacking Hecate, and he or she’ll fall, ending this primary boss encounter and clearing the world of Erebus.

With the following tips, you need to have the ability to make brief work of the Hades 2 Hecate boss combat. It’s going to be fairly the wait till this extremely anticipated sequel comes out of early entry. Once you’ve exhausted all you’ll be able to, we now have a listing of the greatest PC video games so that you can atone for. For those that need one thing model new, these upcoming PC video games will doubtless whet your urge for food till the total Hades 2 launch.

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