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Helldivers 2 will now kick gamers for being AFK for too lengthy

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Arrowhead lately patched Helldivers 2 to put the groundwork for the addition of additional servers. In the meantime, many gamers have been hogging up the restricted server area by logging in and leaving the sport operating idle for hours on finish till they may lastly play. To put a cease to this, Arrowhead has now applied an AFK kick timer. 

You will now not be capable to stay logged into Helldivers 2 and keep AFK indefinitely. Now, gamers can be kicked again to the title display if they’ve been idle for quarter-hour.

This ought to help with the servers being completely clogged up by gamers, however it might additionally imply longer queues throughout peak gaming hours. Arrowhead continues to be working in direction of growing server capability to permit extra gamers in at launch. In the meantime, the corporate’s CEO has spoken out supporting the thought of potential gamers holding off on their buy till the server scenario has been resolved.

For what it is value, if you may get into the sport reliably, Helldivers 2 is a improbable expertise. I’ve confronted server queues in my 15 hours with the sport to date, however I’ve been fortunate in that it normally solely took a few minutes to get in throughout after work hours. I’ve seen others with for much longer wait occasions.

KitGuru Says: Have you been enjoying Helldivers 2 lately? Have you encountered the server queues? 

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