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Clodagh Featured, Opinions Movie Risk

by Manilla Greg
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It’s just a bit white lie…Portia A. Buckley’s quick movie, Clodagh, wonders if a small fib is okay if it’s for good motive.

Mrs. Kelley (Bríd Ní Neachtain) is the housekeeper for the native priest. She additionally has an administrative position on the church’s faculty. On this explicit morning, a father desparate to present his daughter, Clodagh (Katelyn Rose Downey), a correct training presents her to Mrs. Kelley. No guarantees, however she’ll take a look.

Mrs. Kelley places Clodagh in entrance of the varsity’s stepdance staff and Clodagh reveals distinctive talent and expertise to bounce, however we quickly discover out that Clodagh lives barely within the neighboring county.

“…Clodagh reveals distinctive talent and expertise to bounce…”

Clodagh is a decent, little quick movie that will get proper to the purpose, exhibiting us that Mrs. Kelley is a humble servant of God who performs by His guidelines and people of the church. Clodagh, the scholar, turns into some extent of compromise in Kelley’s thoughts. Can you bend the principles understanding that solely God is the one one who is aware of?

Yes, it’s a easy story, however Portia A. Buckley leans into this story as a personality research in simply permitting the digital camera to comply with Neachtain as Mrs. Kelley to ascertain the character of Mrs. Kelley and level out simply how a lot of a compromise Clodagh turns into. It is gorgeous storytelling and is efficient.

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