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Waifu Wednesday: Sylphiette – Niche Gamer

by Genzo
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Sylphiette Mushoku Tensei

Sylphiette Mushoku Tensei

Welcome again to Waifu Wednesday, Niche Gamer’s column the place we discuss characters, their enchantment, and a bit on their historical past.

Today’s Waifu Wednesday is the primary heroine we get to satisfy in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Sylphiette!

Sylphiette fills fairly a couple of roles within the collection, most notably the “childhood good friend” cliché. From the very first episode she makes an look, it’s apparent that she’ll be a love curiosity for Rudeus after he rescues her from bullies.

Spoilers Ahead

Of course that is an isekai and Sylphiette isn’t bullied for lengthy. Thanks to coaching from Rudeus she rapidly turns into an adept mage with some cheat abilities of her personal; and after the Teleport Incident and a while away from Rudeus she develops into extra of her personal character.

After being dejected and shy in her childhood, we subsequent see Sylphiette a couple of years older and disguised as an androgynous bodyguard to Princess Ariel. Sylphiette and Ariel had met after the Teleport Incident.

Ariel’s reliance on Sylphiette within the early days of the incident virtually mirror Sylphiette’s reliance on Rudeus. After being put right into a place of duty, we see a way more highly effective and assured lady.

Sylphiette is a refreshing change of tempo from the favored tsunderes and genki characters that are inclined to get first dibs in harems. While Sylphiette isn’t precisely a “kuudere” character she’s an amazing foil to Rudeus.

While Rudeus could be loud and liable to emotional swings the place he doubts himself, Sylphiette manages to be his rock and all the time seems as much as him and believes in him.

The collection is on the market to look at now on Crunchyroll. You can try our evaluate of the primary season of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation right here. (We suggest it!)

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