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The PlayStation Portable’s Kirk ROM (encryption/decryption engine) has been dumped

by Ethan Marley
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Kirk is without doubt one of the crypto processors operating on the PlayStation Portable. The engine’s binary has apparently been dumped just lately, with Zecoxao asserting the breakthrough a number of weeks in the past*. Although open supply implementations for the Kirk Engine have been floating round for a while, as I perceive it, these don’t embrace the total set of operations. A full-fledged reverse engineer would enable to carry out all encryption/decryption operations on a PC, with out the necessity for a PSP.

It is sweet to see extra discoveries nonetheless taking place for the PSP. With the principle crypto engine of the console now absolutely accessible, I’m not positive if the PSP has any extra secrets and techniques to disclose?

The hackers behind this have chosen to not disclose for now) how the KIRK binary was accessed.

What is Kirk for the PSP?

The PSP KIRK Crypto Engine is a safety {hardware} system that’s embedded into the TACHYON important IC chip. It is a bus grasp and might DMA to/from important DDR RAM reminiscence, working independently of the CPU. It is able to performing AES encryption, decryption, SHA1 Hash, pseudo random quantity technology, and signature technology and verifications (ECDSA) and CMAC. (supply)

Kirk handles many of the encryption/decryption steps on the PSP, together with per console content material such because the NAND. Other modules on the PSP in command of encryption/decryption are Lepton and Spock, focusing extra on UMD.

About the Kirk Binary Dump

From Zecoxao on PSX-Place:

In a conjoined effort, the APE discord group managed to lastly dump the elusive Playstation Portable Kirk Rom. With the data in hand, they have been capable of decipher many of the kirk instructions (kirk0 was assumed to be nonexistant till now) and derive the perconsole keys and seeds used for prng and kirk instructions 3,5,6,8,9,0xF,0x10 and 0x12 respectively. The observe up info might be discovered within the Playstation Portable wiki, underneath the Kirk part (https://www.psdevwiki.com/psp/Kirk). As for the rom, it may be downloaded from Darthsternie’s web site, right here: https://darthsternie.internet/psp-assorted-firmwares/

The ida processor module might be discovered right here:
The ghidra processor module might be discovered right here:
An various model of the ghidra processor module additionally exists right here:

Credit is given to the next individuals for the current Kirk Dump:

  • Anonymous, for you recognize what you may have completed
  • Proxima, for the processor module
  • davee, for basic function RE and extra proc opcodes
  • LemonHaze, for opcode contrib

Download PSP Kirk ROM

You can obtain the Kirk dump itself right here

Source: Zecoxao

* And yelling at me for not speaking about it right here when this was introduced. Sorry however I had “causes“!

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