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RTX 3070 8 GB vs. 16 GB – what is the massive distinction?

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MSI RTX 3070 Modded

Paulo Gomes, already talked about talked about is at it once more. The modder is a compulsive VRAM welder on graphics playing cards. As quickly as he sees a GPU with 8 GB of reminiscence, he upgrades it to 16 GB. Obviously, we’re exaggerating, however we are able to’t assist noticing that he does some notably fascinating work. His newest success: soldering 16 GB of VRAM onto an RTX 3070 and putting in a change to change the cardboard from 8 GB to 16 GB of reminiscence.

Casual Gamers acquired the cardboard and determined to check it in real-life circumstances. What’s the distinction between an 8 GB card and a 16 GB card?

RTX 3070: extra VRAM = larger stability!

MSI RTX 3070 ModdedSo, in concrete phrases, what influence does reminiscence have on the cardboard’s gaming efficiency? Clearly, having a big reminiscence capability means larger framerate stability. The different optimistic impact, if the sport saturates the unique 8 GB, is to extend its common body/sec.

As we’ve seen with Last of Us and Resident Evil 4 Remake, going from 8 GB to 16 GB does a world of fine. With 16 GB, framerate drops and micro-stuttering are drastically decreased. In-game sensations are higher, with larger fluidity.

However, on video games that don’t fully saturate the cardboard’s reminiscence, the addition of VRAM doesn’t make a lot distinction. On Cyberpunk 2077 or Forza Horizon 5, the place reminiscence utilization varies between 6.1 GB and 6.7 GB for the previous and seven.8 GB for the latter, there’s no noticeable change.

In any case, given the tendency of the most recent video games to pump your graphics card’s reminiscence, the very best factor to do, in case your purse permits it, is to go for a card with at the very least 12 GB of reminiscence for peace of thoughts… For some time.

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