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How a lot do we actually know the previous? Historical past isn’t as simple as what we see from the likes of Ken Burns or the BBC. In Jean Cárdenas’ Recollections in Silhouettes, the previous consists of a collection of anecdotes taken from the journal of the lately deceased grandfather of Mateo Hernandez (Diego Giraldo). His grandfather was an enigmatic man, seemingly concerned in a mess of occasions within the layered historical past of Colombia, together with the notorious Age of Heroes, an age the place “fantasies are made true.” The journal is a veritable goldmine of historic particulars – even when it’s not as grounded in actuality as we’re led to imagine from the beginning.

Herein lies the main target of Cárdenas’ mysterious brief movie. Whereas initially set as much as be a factual retelling of occasions lifted from the diary of Mateo’s grandfather, it rapidly turns into obvious that this isn’t fairly what one would examine in historical past texts. It’s an pleasurable conceit, and the filmmaker clearly has enjoyable with the thought. Cárdenas crafts a enjoyable historical past, like a band of rebels supporting the poor within the vein of Robin Hood. There’s additionally the modern and attractive Silueta, a well-known outcast recognized for leaving notes within the wake of her actions.

“…a band of rebels supporting the poor within the vein of Robin Hood.”

The PBS aesthetic of the footage and narration is effectively completed. The deft insertion of up to date actors because the digital camera slowly pans throughout outdated images is seamless sufficient to go as plausible. Nevertheless it retains sufficient artifice in order to stop the lack of any tongue-in-cheek commentary on the staid nature of historic documentaries.

Recollections in Silhouettes works as a humorous and cogent commentary on how subjective historical past can actually be. The film appears to be a constructing block for a promising new artist in Jean Cárdenas. Even when his CV may not be as different as Mateo’s grandfather, right here’s hoping we see extra from the younger filmmaker.

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