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Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Director Explains Anime Inspirations And The Warrior’s Journey

by Ethan Marley
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We obtained onto speaking about all kinds of issues, from the group’s anime inspirations to what it means to be crafting this new Prince for a contemporary era, and what it really means to have energy. We hope you take pleasure in.

Note. This article is a textual content adaptation of our video interview — when you’d choose to observe the video, you will discover it on the backside of the web page.

Nintendo Life: Real fast earlier than we begin, like with Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, we needed to ask if Godsmack goes to be making an look on this new recreation?

Joseph-Antoine Clavet: Godsmack will not be gonna have any tracks on this recreation. [laughs]

What does your day-to-day appear to be as a Cinematic Director?

To undergo the scripts with the group, to see if we’re telling the precise story on the proper story beats. From having the scripts, we will break down into storyboards. When we just like the storyboards created by the group, we will go forward and transfer to the animatics. We’re going to animate these storyboards to see if the circulation is correct, to have the precise enhancing.

With this recreation we determined to go together with a hybrid format between utilizing some mocap and a few keyframe [animation]. We needed to have the load and pure animation that mocap can present, however mocap has this limitation once you wish to have one thing snappy that seems like Shonen anime and have this actually enormous sense of power and energy. So we did it in hybrid.

I used to be additionally answerable for making ready the mocap taking pictures, directing the actors, after which bringing that again to my group and begin assembling it. We use primarily the mocap for every part that may be a bit more durable. Sometimes we use keyframe for issues that want some weight, like some runs, some walks, some pure moments the place characters are speaking and also you need a subtlety of human movement. Always realizing that on this mocap, we’ll take a few of the key poses after which exaggerate them or put a concentrate on them. Everything that was extra action-oriented, we are going to shoot in mocap by way of having a blocking, understanding the motion. But then most of it was reworked in keyframe to get the snappiness and the sense of elasticity or the phantasm of pressure you may see in Shonen anime in these over-the-top grand moments.

Prince of Persia - Sargon
Image: Ubisoft

How early into the manufacturing did you get pulled in? Were you there from the start?

In phrases of cinematics, we at all times arrive a bit later as a result of the sport has to have this its first breath earlier than we truly begin placing cinematics into them. The recreation began growth in 2020 and I arrived mid-2021 once we began having sufficient materials to begin constructing cinematics from.

It was a technique of collaboration, iteration, and dialogue to seek out what was the precise tone for the story we needed to inform, as a result of cinematics, in my view, have to serve a function that’s driving the story, being a reward for the participant, a foreshadowing [of] an enormous occasion or an enormous second. And typically it simply will be one thing that closes a sure act or a sure second of the story. So I arrived in mid-2021 and since then I’ve been on the venture as much as this very second.

Is there a favourite anime that you simply watched rising up and even in recent times that is actually sort of helped create this imaginative and prescient for this recreation?

[There were] many several types of references as a result of relying on what you are doing, you wish to discover the precise references. I grew up watching Dragon Ball each six o’clock, each morning there was Dragon Ball. I used to be additionally an enormous fan of Sword of the Stranger, which was an affect that we put in other places and a few of the cinematics. Ninja Scroll additionally for me, not within the tone as a result of this can be a tone that may be a bit heavier. [And] Berserk, for me, is a masterpiece by way of manga. I really like having the complete collection — it is not the tone we’re searching for, however [a] sure message that there’s to this story. There had been so many anime[s]. Some of the group, [their inspirations] had been extra Naruto, a few of the group it was extra Demon Slayer.

It was extra the sense of the type, how every part is bigger than life in anime, how you’re feeling overpowered and this elasticity within the animation, the musicality of animation. When I say ‘musicality’ that was at all times one thing that Mounir [Radi], the Game Director, would at all times get again to. Sometimes he might clarify one thing he needed with sounds, and it labored! Like, instantly it clicks – BA DA BA DUM BOOOO BAM! And unexpectedly you are like, “Yeah, I do know precisely what you imply. We’re going to go on this course.”

Prince of Persia - Sargon & The Immortals
Image: Ubisoft

France is a large client of manga and anime. Huge. This is absolutely a part of their tradition by way of animation. An enormous a part of the group grew up on anime and that is one thing that’s attention-grabbing from French tradition as a result of even I — I come from Montreal — and each anime that we [would] see once we had been children had been dubbed in France and it was not but actually within the States or in Anglophone nations. It was there however extra area of interest.

It’s been about 14 years since a conventional Prince of Persia was launched. How does it really feel to be a part of the crew that is steering the ship for a brand new era? A brand new era of persons are going to come back round and that is going to be their Prince of Persia.

It’s a reasonably large deal. It’s an honour. I grew up on these video games, I grew up from the Jordan Mechner video games. From the place it got here from on this platformer format, going to the 3D format, even the 3D ones have completely different tones, other ways of telling their story. It’s an honour once you develop up on a sure sort of content material after which once you change into an grownup and also you’re capable of craft this content material, it feels such as you’re a part of a fantasy that simply retains rising and rising.

During our preview session with The Lost Crown, one other character poses a query to Sargon about what’s on the finish of his blade. Can you speak extra about that?

Joseph: Ahh sure, “The warrior’s journey is neverending, and on the finish of his journey, the warrior wonders, ‘What is on the finish of my blade?’”

Prince of Persia - Sargon
Image: Ubisoft

It’s a query that may have a distinct reply relying on the individuals. Like your journey, like my journey, like all people’s journey. Something that was actually necessary for Mounir and Jacques [Exertier], who’s the narrative director, was the Warrior’s Journey. The journey of Miyamoto Musashi, for instance. We needed one thing that had these actually martial questions which can be extra philosophical and haven’t got a exact reply, however that drive you to surprise what sort of warrior you may be.

When we focus on it with the group, “What is on the finish of your blade?” [For] some individuals, “It will likely be my enemies”, some individuals may be, “The blood of my enemy”, some may be, “My personal reflection.” But some individuals may let you know, “Maybe that is me,” as a result of the tip of the Blade may be the deal with.

So it is a query that does not have one reply, identical to the Warrior’s Journey, like all people’s journey and that is the journey we needed to provide to Sargon. He begins out actually pleased with his expertise, however what does it imply to be sturdy? Does it imply solely muscle [or] swords? Or does it imply to study kindness? Does it imply to study poetry? Does it imply to be greater than solely a person with swords? And so this sentence is simply the opening of Sargon’s journey. What will likely be his coming-of-age story? Will he [be] true to his journey and can he be the identical man [as] firstly? Will he be solely a gifted swordsman or greater than that?

It’s a non-answer query that has a that means completely different for everybody. Another query was, what does it imply to be sturdy? You may very well be the strongest in a room together with your muscle, but when this isn’t the state of affairs, you can not undergo your life punching every part, you recognize? And that is what we needed for Sargon. We needed one thing that was greater than solely a man utilizing swords. What will he change into by the journey?

This interview has been calmly edited for readability.

The most royal due to Joseph-Antoine Clavet for taking the time to share his ardour for this medium with us. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is scheduled to launch on Switch and different platforms on 18th January 2024. Travel prices for this interview had been coated by Ubisoft.

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