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Preserve seems to be like a calming puzzle mix of Dorfromantik and Terra Nil

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It’s been a great few years for stress-free, puzzle-strategy video games about spreading nature’s glory. The future seems to be vibrant, too, because of Preserve, which appears to mix Dorfromantik’s lush hexes with Terra Nil’s gradual ecological restoration. You’ll discover the announcement trailer beneath.

Cover image for YouTube videoPreserve | Announcement Trailer

The announcement trailer for Preserve.

“The goal is to foster and maintain a thriving and various biomes, the place every element coexists in a symbiotic concord,” says the Preserve Steam web page. “By using strategic considering and a eager eye for stability, gamers are granted the ability to place a big selection of crops and animals, curating an setting that caters to their preferences and aspirations.”

Those crops and animals take the type of a hand filled with playing cards that gamers can select from and choose the place to deploy. There are additionally completely different biomes, together with carribean reefs, alpine forests and savannas, every with their very own set of animals and crops to learn to use.

If puzzling out the stability of those completely different parts sounds worrying, Preserve may also have artistic mode that permits you to plonk down hexes and wildlife with no limitations, and a photograph mode for grabbing screenshots of no matter you make.

Preserve is at the moment aiming to launch in autumn this 12 months.

Katharine is our resident Dorkromantik head, giving the elegant village builder a Bestest Best again in 2022, and giving Preserve an all-caps “HELLO” once I messaged her about it on Slack earlier at present. Personally, my most up-to-date dalliance with tending to nature in video video games was the idle tidy ’em up sandbox Garden Galaxy.

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