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How To Defeat Rufus Shinra

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A dog-like creature with red eyes opens its mouth to reveal sharp fangs.

In what must be one of many extra annoying battle sequences of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, President Rufus Shinra exhibits as much as take Cloud on in a one-on-one match within the Gold Saucer in Chapter 12. As in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rufus is a quick and lethal opponent. Yet he’s very beatable should you deploy the best methods.

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Rufus’ battle will pressure you to dodge assaults extra so than different battles in Rebirth, and it is advisable search for key openings to strike.

The three-step resolution for preventing Rufus

You’re going to want to apply some restraint and persistence when preventing Rufus, keying into clear home windows of alternative. His assaults deal an intimidating quantity of injury, he’s quick, and he can simply counterattack and stun you. Here are three items of recommendation to bear in mind whereas preventing Rufus Shinra.

I’m telling you that you simply’re gonna should dodge bullets

Get able to mash circle so much to dodge Rufus’ numerous assaults. In truth, I like to recommend spending time getting used to reliably dodging his assaults earlier than you begin touchdown assaults. Fighting Rufus is nearly like multitasking, and also you’ll must depend on your dodges virtually being on autopilot whilst you search for openings to assault him.

Once you begin getting used to dodging his assaults, it’s time to utilize Cloud’s ranged assault to begin elevating your ATB gauge.

Fill up your ATB with Cloud’s ranged strikes

Cloud’s received a reasonably respectable ranged assault that, whereas not essentially very highly effective with every particular person strike, does have numerous utility. After hitting circle after which instantly hitting sq., Cloud will unleash a beam from his blade that’ll fly towards a goal (ensure you’re locked on to your opponent with R3). If you maintain sq., he’ll bodily fly towards his opponent. That final bit can get you into hassle with Rufus as he’s more likely to counterattack.

You can in fact hold spamming circle adopted by just a few presses of sq. to maintain attacking Rufus, however Cloud’s blade beams don’t deal a wild quantity of injury. Instead, they’re extra helpful for elevating Cloud’s ATB, which try to be prepared to make use of as quickly as Rufus begins reloading. After some time, Rufus will develop into resistant to this assault as properly, so that you’ll need to strike simply sufficient to replenish your ATB, then permit Rufus to make his personal assault, after which he’ll possible must reload.

Rufus’ reload animation leaves him wildly weak

Rufus is vicious along with his counterattack, however should you wait to strike him whereas he’s reloading, you may simply Pressure him. His reload animation (which is accompanied by the phrase Reload over his head) is your window of alternative. Not solely do it is advisable be consistently avoiding his assaults, it is advisable keep inside vary to be able to land strikes. Using ATB Abilities Braver and Focused Thrust can even push him additional towards a Staggered situation; it’s a good suggestion to setup and memorize the shortcuts for these assaults—particularly Focused Thrust which can ship Cloud surging towards him.

Gif: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

Also, should you wait to see him really performing the Reload motion, you could usually be too late by the point Cloud pulls off his assault and end up simply getting punished by Rufus’ counter. Just needless to say he all the time reloads after performing sure gun-based assaults. Provided you handle to dodge it, we discovered the second proper after Rufus deploys Guns Akimbo to be a very good alternative to shut in and rating some hits.

A couple of different issues

You can poison Rufus with Bio. It gained’t do an amazing quantity of injury, however it may possibly slowly drain him of HP. Also, it’s useful to solid Haste and/or protecting spells like Barrier/Protect on your self. Note that Rufus doesn’t have elemental weaknesses, so be at liberty to make use of Cloud’s materia slots for materia that’ll buff his total battle efficiency and therapeutic spells like Regen.

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Note which you can entry the primary menu through the cutscene that takes place in between the Elena/Rude battle and Rufus’ battle by holding sq.. If you need to restart simply the battle with Rufus, choose “Retry From This Battle” after pausing the sport and choosing Retry.

A dog-like creature with red eyes opens its mouth to reveal sharp fangs.

Screenshot: Square Enix / Claire Jackson / Kotaku

What to do with Darkstar

Rufus has a hound buddy that’s terribly annoying. He’ll be part of the battle when you knock Rufus right down to round half his well being. You’ll word that there’s a connection between the 2, and breaking that hyperlink will Pressure the hound.

Focus on taking out Darkstar as quickly as you may. Wailing on him will increase your ATB. I like to recommend that you simply keep away from utilizing Triple Strike as that’s more likely to trigger Cloud to strike Rufus, thus risking a counterattack from the president which can value you HP and time.

The colosseum battle in Chapter 12 definitely borders on sensory overload with the loud music and fixed chatter from the announcers. In some methods, that provides to the issue of taking down the previous president’s son. But avoiding his assaults and putting when the second is correct will see you out of this battle and in your manner towards the ultimate moments of this epic RPG.

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