VogDUO 100 Watt Travel Wall Fast Charger- Foldable Plug GaN PD Charging Power Adapter with Leather 5ft Extension Cable Multi USB for Samsung Galaxy, Z Flip, Z Fold, (Maroon Red) 

by Alita Grey

VogDUO 100 Watt Travel Wall Fast Charger- Foldable Plug GaN PD Charging Power Adapter with Leather 5ft Extension Cable Multi USB for Samsung Galaxy, Z Flip, Z Fold, (Maroon Red)


VogDUO, a popular brand known for making efficient travel accessories has recently launched its latest product- the 100 Watt Travel Wall Fast Charger, a foldable plug GaN PD charging power adapter. Designed to charge multiple devices simultaneously, this adapter comes with a leather 5ft extension cable and is available in Maroon Red color. Let us explore its features in detail.


  1. 100-watt charging power: The VogDUO 100 watt travel charger is a compact and powerful travel adapter. It can charge a range of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and cameras. If you are a travel enthusiast or frequently commute, this adapter is the perfect solution for charging multiple devices at once.
  2. Foldable Plug: The primary convenience of this adapter is its foldable plug design. It looks neat and compact and allows it to fit into any size bag or briefcase. Also, it reduces the risk of damage to the prongs due to frequent removal and insertion.
  3. 5-feet Leather Extension Cable: The adapter comes with a 5-foot cable made from leather. It is an upgrade from the standard rubber encased cables you’d find with most adapters. The leather cover looks stylish and is durable and longer-lasting than rubber. The extension cable also acts as a protector, so the adapter remains free from wear and tear.
  4. GaN technology: Gallium Nitride components used in the adapter make it lighter and more efficient, reducing waste of energy in the form of thermal energy. The VogDUO charger features GaNFast technology from Navitas, which makes it 3 times faster than standard adapters. These components can withstand higher frequencies, speeds, and voltage, which leads to superior charging performance.
  5. Multiple USB Charging Ports: The VogDUO adapter comes with two Type-C USB ports and two Type-A USB ports for simultaneous charging. The USB ports offer comprehensive compatibility, supporting Apple, Android devices, Nintendo Switch, and laptops.
  6. Compatibility: The VogDUO charger is compatible with most devices that use USB-C chargers, including Samsung Galaxy, Z Flip, and Z Fold models. It is also compatible with Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, Dell, Lenovo, and other laptops that require charging up to 100W.
  7. Maroon Red color: Available in Maroon Red, the VogDUO charger looks posh and elegant. Its color adds a touch of luxury to the user’s travel accessories. The adapter’s physical design and color make it stand out from traditional chargers, which are typically black or white.


Overall, the VogDUO 100 Watt Travel Wall Fast Charger is a powerful and versatile charging solution for travelers, students, and professionals. The adapter’s folding prongs and leather extension cable make it convenient, easy to carry, and durable. Its compatibility with a wide range of devices makes it a must-have accessory for any tech-savvy person. The Maroon Red color adds a touch of sophistication and makes the VogDUO charger an attractive option for people looking for a stylish charging accessory.

Product Description: This table summarizes the VogDUO Chargers for desktop and travel uses. It includes 5 different product descriptions: GaN Charger (with 3 options), Wireless Charger, Output Power (Watt), Magnetic, and Genuine Leather Design. Each product includes a list of features or specifications. Three of the products are suitable for travel charging while all products except the wireless charger are suitable for desktop charging. The GaN Chargers include special features such as foldable plugs and extension cables, multiple USB ports, and GaN technology for small size and slimness. The wireless charger includes wireless charging design but lacks the output power and magnetic features. All VogDUO Chargers include multi-safety protections to prevent over temperature, over current, and over voltage.

Product Rating: 4.5

Price: $89.99
(as of May 26,2023 04:09:26 UTC – Details)

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