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RTX 5880 Ada, the RTX 6000 Ada substitute for China

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RTX 5880 Ada

Initially, the RTX 5880 Ada was noticed in a change word. At the time, nevertheless, we didn’t know what its specs have been… But now we do.

RTX 5880 Ada: a card for China!

RTX 5880 AdaFinally, with this mannequin, NVIDIA affords us a card aimed on the Chinese market. Unfortunately, the RTX 6000 Ada is topic to U.S. sanctions and is due to this fact banned from export.

In order to have a high-end card for the skilled sector, the chameleon affords us this mannequin. It incorporates a GPU that’s castrated in relation to the 6000 Ada. In truth, the AD102 of this mannequin solely affords 14,080 cuda cores, i.e. 110 lively SMs out of 144. In truth, its traits are decrease than these of the RTX 4090 D, which affords 114.

Memory, nevertheless, doesn’t appear to have advanced in relation to its Western counterpart. We nonetheless discover 48 GB of GDDR6. Memory continues to be based mostly on a 384-bit reminiscence bus, contributing to a reminiscence bandwidth of 960 GB/s.

However, the truth that the GPU has misplaced 22% of its cuda core, contributes to a drop in computing efficiency of round 24% in single precision. This new mannequin peaks at 69.3 TFLOP, in contrast with 91.1 TFLOP for the RTX 6000 Ada. The similar applies to RT Core efficiency and Tensor Core efficiency, the place the figures are down.

Now it stays to be seen how a lot this card will value. As a reminder, this RTX Ada Generation vary replaces the Quadro sequence, playing cards designed for the skilled sector. They are helpful for 3D modeling, rendering and different duties.

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