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Pokemon GO Hisuian Samurott Raid Counters & Weaknesses

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Hisuian Samurott is a water and darkish sort Pokemon that’s set to seem as a Tier 3 raid boss in Pokemon GO. Being a last evolution of Oshawott, you’ll be able to evolve it by feeding 100 candies to Dewott. While the unique type is just a water sort, its Hisuian type is a Water and Dark-type. This Pokemon might be accessible for a particular raid problem on December 3, 2023, for a restricted time. If you wish to catch it, you could know what’s tremendous efficient in opposition to Samurott to defeat it.

Don’t fear, listed below are one of the best Hisuian Samurott Raid counters in Pokemon GO with its weaknesses to beat in a raid. In our information, now we have additionally talked about its total moveset, CP degree vary, and stats for higher understanding. So, right here’s every part you might want to find out about it.

Hisuian Samurott Weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Hisuian Samurott can take elevated harm and is weak to Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Grass-type assaults. But this Pokemon is proof against Dark, Fire, Ghost, Steel, Ice, and Water-type strikes. So, we advocate not utilizing them throughout the raid battle. In addition, this Pokemon solely takes 39% harm from the Psychic strikes, which isn’t fairly efficient.

Its base stats vary at 218 Attack, 172 Defense, and 207 Stamina alongside an HP as much as 187 at degree 50. You want 1-3 trainers to beat Samurott simply throughout the raid.

Best Hisuian Samurott Raid Counters Weakness in Pokemon GOBest Hisuian Samurott Raid Counters Weakness in Pokemon GO

Samurott CP Level and Moveset

Its max CP vary scales as much as 3,352 CP which may be even additional weather-boosted to deal extra harm. So, right here’s the record of its moveset and assaults:

  • Fast Attacks
    • Fury Cutter
    • Snarl
    • Waterfall
  • Charged Attacks
    • Dark Pulse
    • Icy Wind
    • Razor Shell
    • X-Scissor

Best Counters for Hisuian Samurott Raid in Pokemon GO

Terrakion is one of the best counter for Hisuian Samurott because of its preventing strikes or assaults. With a complete harm output of 1192.3, its transfer pool may be tremendous efficient in opposition to this Pokemon. You can use the Double Kick, Close Combat, or Sacred Sword to deal elevated harm in opposition to it.

But having stated that, you can too use different efficient counters that may equally deal harm in opposition to this raid boss. So, listed below are one of the best Hisuian Samurott counters with their moveset:

Pokemon Moveset (Fast and Charged Attacks)
RaichuThunder ShockThunder Punch
LucarioCounterAura Sphere
KartanaRazor LeafX-Scissor
UrsalunaRock SmashThunder Punch
RaikouVolt SwitchThunderbolt
Mega RayquazaDragon TailOutrage
KeldeoLow KickSacred Sword
BlazikenCounterFocus Blast
ZekromCharge Beam Wild Charge

That’s every part lined about this matter. If you discovered this information useful, take a look at our guides to search out out easy methods to counter and beat Bombirdier, easy methods to evolve Ursaring, and discover extra Pokemon GO Guides in our devoted part proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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