Epic Video games Retailer Provides Gamedec, Divine Knockout, and First Class Hassle for Free; Itch.io is Giving Away Blasting Agent

by Icecream

Epic Video games Retailer is likely one of the largest platforms to get PC video games from. They’re additionally recognized for offering 1-2 free video games every week. This time round they are going to be providing 3 free video games, which embody Divine Knockout, First Class Hassle and Gamedec. These video games will probably be accessible free of charge until January 19, 2023, 9:30 PM. From then on, Epistory Typing Chronicles will probably be supplied free of charge.

Divine Knockout

It’s a third-person platform fighter, which requires gamers to break their opponents and smash them out of the world. The characters you select are to not be messed with, as gamers can select between 10 playable gods. You may swing round Mjolnir as Thor or throw boulders at different gamers as Hercules. There are 3 ways the gamers can play the sport – 1v1 Hardcore mode, 2v2 Duels and 3v3 Arcade mode.

First Class Hassle

Many would name this recreation an Amongst Us title with higher visuals. It’s a celebration recreation so gamers can’t get pleasure from it alone. Just like Amongst Us, there are regular folks and imposters. The traditional gamers are speculated to do duties and determine who the imposters are. The imposter’s job is to sabotage the operations and kill the opposite gamers. First Class Hassle will certainly be a success throughout the celebration.


The third and ultimate title this week is Gamedec, which is a single-player cyberpunk isometric RPG. On this recreation, you play the position of a detective, whose process is to resolve crimes within the digital realm. As you’re a detective, you’ll need to assemble clues and different info from witnesses and suspects.

Itch.io is Providing Blasting Agent for Free

There’s one other free title it is possible for you to to seize this week and that’s Blasting Agent from Itch.io. On this recreation, you play in opposition to the Black Hand of Destiny. They’re a world terrorist group, who’ve created their headquarters throughout the coronary heart of a volcano. Additionally they have a military of bio-engineered troopers and genetic monsters. It’s your job because the Blasting Agent to take them down on this 2D, aspect scrolling title with 8-bit visuals.

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