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D-Squad Returns in New Miniseries as Part of Marvel’s ‘Star Wars: Dark Droids’

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Marvel's Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad Cover Art

R2-D2-led, elite droid squad, coined D-Squad, returns in a new miniseries as a part of Marvel’s Star Wars: Dark Droids comedian collection. You might keep in mind D-Squad from The Clone Wars (season 5, episodes 10-13), the place it was first launched, led by the over-confident Colonel Meebur Gascon. The miniseries is written by Marc Guggenheim with artwork by Salva Espín and David Messina.


Marvel's Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad Cover Art
Marvel’s Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad Cover Art


In Dark Droids, this summer season’s horror-fueled comics crossover occasion, a mysterious risk referred to as the Scourge begins to deprave droids, cyborgs, and mechanical beings of every kind. In Dark Droids: D-Squad, R2-D2 recollects his elite staff, however with a couple of character adjustments. The new group consists of R2-D2, IG-88, 4-LOM, WAC-47, BT-1, and 000, who will work collectively to fight the Scourge. The first concern additionally contains a backup story starring Ajax Sigma, a brand new character that first appeared in final 12 months’s Star Wars: Revelations #1, who’s promised to play a significant position within the crossover as an entire.


Marvel's Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad
Marvel’s Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad


Starwars.com author, Dan Brooks, interviewed writer Marc Guggenheim forward of the miniseries launch. Elaborating on the place the miniseries picks up inside Dark Droids, Guggenheim stated:


D-Squad picks up instantly after the occasions of Dark Droids concern 2. Without spoiling that concern, suffice it to say that the corruption that has effects on droids all through the galaxy is made obvious to R2-D2 in a really pointed and private manner. We decide up within the aftermath of that growth and with Artoo realizing that he’s going to wish some assist if he’s going to battle again in opposition to this menace.


Further explaining how D-Squad matches into the panorama of the Dark Droids narrative, which leans into the horror style, Guggenheim clarified:


D-Squad is extra of a romp. It’s excessive journey blended with as a lot humor as I might conjure. I approached it like the primary Avengers film, however with droids as an alternative of superheroes.


Marvel's Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad
Marvel’s Star Wars Dark Droids: D-Squad


Lastly, confronted with the duty of selecting a favourite droid from D-Squad, Guggenheim was fast to reply:


Is it a cop-out to say Artoo? Yeah, it’s in all probability a cop-out. But it additionally has the advantage of being true. I’m simply consistently amazed at how vivid Artoo’s voice is as a personality, regardless of the very fact he doesn’t ever communicate a phrase of English. But regardless of that, you realize precisely who he’s. You know he’s feisty. You know he’s courageous. You know he’s obtained spunk and moxie. It’s a extremely unimaginable achievement in storytelling, to be frank.


All that being stated, I’ve in all probability had probably the most enjoyable writing WAC-47. As a pal of mine from school would say, Wac’s simply ‘such a cheerful fool.’


D-Squad can be identified for being considered one of George Lucas’ favourite arcs from The Clone Wars. A range that raised some eyebrows given the story’s slapstick comedic tone. And but, one can’t assist however draw comparisons to Jar-Jar Binks. It’s additionally price noting that the D-Squad arc launched Gregor, who went on to have a full and heroic narrative.


Dark Droids: D-Squad is about to launch in August. Check out the total interview with writer Marc Guggenheim at Starwars.com


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