A streamer beat Elden Ring’s Malenia on a dance pad and controller on the identical time

by Icecream

Setting the tone for the yr for the remainder of us, a streamer has crushed Elden Ring’s Malenia on a dance pad and controller – on the identical time.

Look, I do not care what anybody would possibly say, I do know I solely managed to beat Malenia due to the Mimic Tear, and I am not ashamed of it. She’s a rattling powerful boss battle, simply one in every of FromSoftware’s hardest. Which makes Twitch streamer MissMikkaa’s accomplishment of taking part in the sport on a dance pad on one console, and an everyday controller on one other, and beating Malenia on each of them, all of the extra spectacular (thanks, Eurogamer).

To clarify the run: MissMikkaa performed by means of the sport final yr, concurrently, one in every of her PS5, the opposite on PC utilizing a dance pad, with every model taking part in on a special display screen. In flip, she needed to beat Malenia, in each variations of the sport, in the identical try. Dying in both of them meant beginning over within the different, because it would not actually be doing the boss on the identical time in any other case. And simply this week, she really completed the ridiculous feat, in a massively spectacular show of focus and talent.

In a tweet exhibiting off the second, MissMikkaa mentioned it took her three days and 199 tries, which truthfully sounds on par with the remainder of us trying it usually. To take down the demigod, she used a bleed construct with Flamberge and the Seppuku Ash of Warfare, the latter of which will increase the quantity of injury you die, in addition to with the ability to inflict blood loss, which usually does an enormous chunk of injury.

You’ll be able to watch a compilation of MissMikkaa’s numerous makes an attempt at taking down the brutal blade of Miquella by means of all of its highs and lows beneath. She additionally confirmed off the complete battle, which is definitely a sight to behold. It may also provide you with an thought of easy methods to pull it off your self. Would provide you with one thing to do when you look ahead to Armored Core 6.

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